we make brands
that improve Lifestyle

A constantly Evolving
Ecommerce Business

LAGOM Living evolves constantly in the ever-changing e-commerce world. In LAGOM Living, we pursue company growth with the spirit of “LAGOM”. 

our vision

Future of E-commerce

E-commerce has dramatically changed the way that brands interact with their customers. Those who are emotionally connected to the their customers and communities will be the market leader.

Our Specialties

Amazon FBA

We have been selling on Amazon marketplace since 2019. Our data-driven approach and effective process flow have provide business insight aiding in our decision making.

E-commerce Strategy

We are experienced in formulating and implementing e-commerce marketplace strategies to increase brand visibilities and sales in different countries and regions. 

Product Development

We manage the entire product development process including product research, design, manufacturing, testing, product launch, and post-launch operations.

Brand Management

By enhancing customer experience and customer loyalty,  we are able to uplift our brand awareness and create success.

Digital Marketing

Our team has strong track record in planning and implementing digital marketing strategy. We are able to boost sales by utilising social media, PPC and content marketing etc.

Data Analytics

With the help of data analytics, we are able to gain advanced business insights, including trend prediction, inventory forecast, marketing effectiveness etc.